The North Bay's Premier Ballroom Dance Studio Teaching Ballroom since 1978
The North Bay's PremierBallroom Dance StudioTeaching Ballroom since 1978 


Here's what some of my satisfied customers have to say:

Helen is Awesome

My now wife and I started learning how to dance with Helen two months before our wedding. It was one of the best experiences learning how to do Triple step swing. Helen was incredibly patient with my wife's desire to lead, and my forceful leading. With five sessions and practice at home, we stepped confidently onto the floor and had so much fun. She is a gifted teacher and was able to accurately set our expectations given our timeline. Thank you Helen!


- Lawrence B.

Western BBQ + Dance Lessons

We held a Western Barbecue at the Richmond Yacht Club and the highlight of the evening was Helen teaching us Country Line Dancing and the Two Step. She was extremely patient as she guided us through the different steps. Everyone had a a great time!  The next time you are having a special event I recommend Helen to get everyone off their chairs and start dancing. HeeHaw!!


-Suzie K.

Great Instructor for Couples or Individuals!

Helen is wonderful and we've had so much fun!  We are a same-sex couple who needed to learn two-step for an upcoming family wedding.  One of us had no previous experience with couples' dancing.  Since the wedding was quickly approaching, we decided to take private lessons.  


Helen is really good at working with you as a couple -- as well as working with you as individuals.  She is quick to figure out where you are mis-stepping and somehow makes it easy to help you correct yourself.  There have been times when all three of us burst out laughing due to our mistakes!  


Dancing has been a great activity to do as a couple and an easy way to get exercise.  We find we can't wait to practice outside of class.  Helen has been really flexible with scheduling and we are going to take group classes with her after our lessons are over.  Could not recommend more highly!


-Elizabeth L.

Swing Lessons

Great having Helen teaching ballroom in Sonoma!  I will  be completing her Swing Series in April and looking forward to Salsa in May. Helen is a wonderful instructor with easy to follow instructions.  She makes you feel comfortable and teaches to your pace and ability level regardless of experience or lack thereof.


-Vickie M.

Fantastic Dance Teacher

Helen is a fantastic dance teacher. I so enjoy her classes and teaching style. I really look forward to class on Wednesday night and dancing with her and and her students.  


-Kathy M.

Group Classes

My boyfriend and I took waltz lessons from Helen a few months ago and have continued to go back to learn some other ballroom dances.  She is a great teacher, adjusting her pace of instruction to the ability of the group.  I was very impressed with her ease at giving individual pointers to her students while also providing group instruction.  Learning to dance is a pleasure with such a professional and talented instructor.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.  My only complaint is that the studio has poor air circulation and is very warm in the summer.


-Heather K.

First Dance Preparation

Helen did a great job working around our schedule and developed our confidence. Having been blessed only with the skills involving walking, Helen patiently took my future wife and me through 8 classes in preparation for our first dance at our wedding.  With one class left I am ready to dance in front of my family, friends and new friends.  With the dance issue settled, I am ready to enjoy our wedding.


-Peter H.



Helen helped my newly bride and I learn a routine for our first dance.  Our wedding guest looked on in amazement as we tore up the dance floor.  

My wife and I love to dance now even more thanks to Helen.  We just completed one of Helen's  group Salsa dancing series and look forward to testing our new moves out the next time we go dancing.

-Steven C.

My husband and I have always wanted to learn a few moves so we could really enjoy dancing together. Not only did Helen teach us moves, but she actually put together an entire choreographed dance to our favorite song. She was patient, easy-going and articulate during our lessons. When it came time for the first dance at our wedding, we felt confident and really enjoyed our two-step across the dance floor. Our guests loved it too - much more special than your typical slow dance (practically standing in place). We loved taking Helen's dance classes so much that we're headed back for an entire month of Salsa!

-Jennifer C.

Amazing Teacher!

Helen Andrade runs Steppin Out Ballroom Dance Studios, and she is a truly amazing dance teacher - completely dedicated to her students and their success.  

I'm currently taking both East Coast Swing and Ballroom/Cha-Cha classes from her and have been so impressed with her broad range of dance skills and how dedicated she is to sharing her love of dance with her students.


She holds classes at her home in Petaluma, and at Footloose Dance Studio as well as Rohnert Park, and is also available for private lessons - so it's extremely convenient whether you're looking for group or one-on-one classes.


One of the most patient and kind dance teachers I've ever met, Helen explains, demonstrates and breaks down dance moves into easy, manageable steps before moving on.  Whether you're a beginner and just starting out or an experienced dancer, Helen has a gift for being able to see exactly what you need to do to improve your dance skills and take them to the next level.


-Roohi M.

Fun Teacher!

Helen is a great teacher, full of wisdom, knowledge, and FUN! I thoroughly enjoyed her classes, and learned so much throughout the course of them. I highly recommend taking classes at Steppin' Out Dance Studios!


-Ecco D.

Patient and Gracious Teacher

"Helen is a gracious, accomplished - and patient dance teacher.  She knows dance from her core and does a stellar job transmitting it to a wide range of learners at a variety of levels.  Helen takes one through the challenging, and sometimes frustrating passages of the learning process in the most skillful and helpful ways. My wife and I appreciate her very much and look forward to more lessons."


- Scott Hess

Dance Classes

"I have had the pleasure of taking partner dancing classes with Helen Andrade. She is an experienced, competent teacher who knows how to tailor her lessons to the ability levels of her students. I did indeed learn how to dance – and I appreciate Helen’s part in helping me do so."


-Jehoshua S.

Exceptional Teacher!

"Helen is an exceptional dancer and teacher. She is welcoming, patient and cares about making everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their age or ability. She has a special program for seniors or those with diminished mobility, and she leads this program with gentleness and warmth. Helen also has a gift for working with children she enjoys introducing them to the world of dance. I highly recommend Helen for your wedding, corporate event, senior facility or if you are looking for classes."


-Cheryl W.

Understanding Instructor

"Helen Andrade is a very thorough and understanding dance instructor."


-Lance C.

Learning Dance is Fun!

"Helen is an experienced dancer and teacher, who makes learning fun and people feel welcome. She has a great way of hands on teaching. Helen is charming, well mannered and a beautiful and proud person and at the same time holds a humble and ever growing attitude. I would hire her as my personal coach, dance teacher and older sister any time. I believe she has great insight into life and is very flexible in the professional world."


-Idexa S.

Dance Classes are New and Exciting!

"Helen is an outstanding dance instructor who motivates her students to overcome "stress", relax and just have fun. She is a professional start to finish. Her classes are informative and the perfect way to learn something new and exciting."


-Ingrid H.

4-H Auctions Helen!

"On behalf of the 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County, we would like to thank you for your donation valued at $120.00 at the 9th Annual ‘Fun’draiser’ BBQ on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Richards Grove & Saralee’s Vineyard.

Thank to your support, this year’s event brought in over $145,000! Once again we have had a record breaking event."


Susan Hansen, Executive Director

Gatsby Era

"Thank you so very much for attending our gala event “Great Gatsby” on June 20th [2013] at the Petaluma Women’s Club. We had a wonderful time learning the Charleston and Jitterbug from you. It was also a thrill to what talent the Steppin’ Out Dance Studio has to offer. Thank you so very much for adding that exciting “extra” to make our event so much fun that evening. Please let your student’s know we thought they were very brave & talented."


Karin Jones, Secretary, Petaluma Women’s Club

The Perfect First Dance

Laura and Aaron

"When we started dance classes with Helen, my fiance was self-conscious and somewhat reluctant about dancing. Through our private instruction, Aaron and I were able to build confidence while having a great time. Our foxtrot was poised and varied without being so complex that Aaron felt overwhelmed, and when it came time for our first dance, he executed it (nearly) perfectly. All of our guests were so impressed, and Aaron and I were able to feel great about what we had accomplished together. Thank you, Helen- we can't wait to come back for more!"


- Laura

Fun Lessons

“After years of raising children (two beautiful adults now) my husband and I decided it was time to take dance lessons. Helen has been wonderful. She is clear and professional in her instruction, but most of all the lessons are fun. It has been a joy to learn we can move in ways we never imagined.


We went to the Monroe Hall on Sunday for Country/Western Dancing (we are going to a wedding in Nashville next month). It was great fun to learn line dancing and the country waltz. Our lessons have definitely paid off in learning steps quickly."


- Pam

A Father-Daughter Dance

"When my daughter announced her engagement I was thrilled. Then the panic set in . . . thinking about the Father-Daughter dance! I’m not much of a dancer, and could only see myself shuffling around badly.


Fortunately I connected with Helen, and she instantly reassured me. She said my “case” wasn’t at all unusual—lots of men in the same predicament—and that she knew just what would work. And she did!

In a few fun sessions Helen introduced me to an easy-to-learn swing routine, and then we brought my daughter in for practice together. Well, the results were perfect.


Working with Helen gave me lots of confidence, and our dance was one of the hits of the evening, with the crowd cheering at every fancy spin. And probably best of all, my daughter thanked me for adding something really special to her big day." 


- Jerry Guffey, Healdsburg


Prom Night

"The kids had a blast at prom and, I was told, they did attempt to swing dance a bit. We also went to my brother's wedding the following week and not only did Justin and Katie swing dance, I danced with Justin too! We had so much fun, thanks to you. I hope I can get the kids to take some more lessons during Summer. They truly had a lot of fun."


- Lorie

Dance Lesson

"Helen is not only an amazing dancer, but she's truly gifted at instruction.
Dance is something that people don't put much time and effort into learning these days, but I hope with great instructors like Helen there will be a revival in interest!
Whether a person is young or old, a natural or not, Helen's instructive style will help you learn, have fun and not feel like you have two left feet."


- Anastasia S.

Dancing is fun!

"There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!"


- Vicki B.

Private Party Salsa Lesson

"We hired Helen to teach Salsa dancing at a large family birthday gathering. What an absolute blast! We had people aged 9 to 80 all having a great time and talking about the experience long after the lesson was over. Helen was a huge part of the party's success. I recommend her whole-heartedly!"


- Mary Thomson, Wagner Realty

Swing Dancing in the Mystic Theater show

"Helen was simply fantastic when she gave a swing dance lesson to a mob of eager dancers at our Mystic Theater show. She was easy to follow, and careful to explain each new step with great attention to detail. The dancers learned the basics of swing dancing and were very excited about their newfound technique. The entire experience was very enjoyable."


- Cliff Eveland, Petaluma High School Instrumental Director

A Wedding Dance

"Helen, the wedding was picture perfect (I didn't fall down once!). Thank you for all your help and patience."


- Geo and Kerry

Private and Group Lessons

"For two years now I've been taking both private and group classes with Helen. What a wonderful way to meet fun new people, socialize and get exersice. Helen is an outstanding instructor- the hour private lesson you spend with her makes the most out of what you learn in class. I highly recommend getting started!"


- Ingrid H.

Dance Demo

"The class you taught at our P.E.P. event was really fun - you're a great teacher! And the dance demo was unbelievable! We all appreciated the talent- many thanks!"


- Lyndi B.

Really Getting It

"I took Helen's foxtrot dance class and learned a lot from her. I was thrilled to really be able to dance. helen is an awesome teacher. Really breaks things down to the basics so you can really get it. I am going to take her next class too which is the two step. Yahoo! Can't wait."


- Kathy Gehrs / La Duca Gehrs Salon & Spa

I'm Lovin' It!

"Loved taking Salsa with Helen!"


- Allison LaRose

Class Location:

North Bay Performing Arts Center

Contessi Ballet

11790 Main St. Suite E
Penngrove, CA 94951


Contact Helen to schedule. 

Phone: (707) 292-8795

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" - Martha Graham

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